Sample Results

The following sample images are all from real fields in central Alberta

The data shown in the following images can be used to make better decisions about input application, as well as detecting problems before they become costly disasters.

An example of how to use this data: use your existing equipment to modify your fertilizer application to apply more where it will get higher yields, and less where it won’t help.

This is a sample image of a wheat field in early season. It’s already clear which areas are growing exceptionally well, and where there are trouble spots.  The black areas may indicate a serious problem that would not be visible from the road.

Another small field showing growth patterns. In this field its clear that there are small zones of good growth, but overall growth especially to the east (red) is poor.  There are no dark black areas, however.

This is an elevation map of the same small field. Dark red is highest, dark blue is lowest.  There is a clear correlation between drainage and plant health when compared to the above image.

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