Services and Costs

When you purchase our service, we will come to your property and gather data by drone.  We will also take pictures of key areas from the ground.  (Learn How It Works to understand how exactly our Field Reports can help you.)

Afterwards you will receive a Field Report for each field that was flown (click here to see a sample report – opens in a new tab.)

Take advantage of our Special Introductory Pricing!  For the current season, the per-field fee of $99.00 is waived. Pay only the per acre rate!

  • One-time flight: $3 per acre (normally $99 per field + $3/acre).  You will get one Field Report per field.
  • Yearly rate: $9 per acre (normally $99 per field + $9/acre), for 4 flights throughout the growing season.

Want to see how our service is worth it?  Our ROI Calculator can help you calculate potential return on investment.

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