Services and Costs

When you purchase our service, we will come to your property and gather data by drone.  We take care of all licensing and regulation with Transport Canada — all we need is access to your field. After each flight, you will receive a Field Report and summary with recommendations.

Learn how we can reduce your costs and improve yields. Even a 1% difference can make our service pay for itself.

  • Yearly rate: $699 to fly a field (of 160 acres or smaller) once per month throughout the growing season, from seeding to combining.
  • One-time flight: $189 for a single field of 160 acres or smaller.
These are basic rates for service within Edmonton surrounding area. 
Got special needs?  We can quote you a per-acre rate.


Want to see how our service is worth it?  Our ROI Calculator can help you calculate potential return on investment.

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